MIMAR Office

Clients from our experience prefer to work with one firm that can manage all phases of the design through the construction process. MIMAR’s services extend through the entire life cycle of a project, from planning architectural conceptual design through construction management, and all phases in between.

Based on an experience and range of services we can put together a solution ideally suited to your budget and project requirements.

In a addition to working in the U.A.E., Oman, Lebanon and Kurdstan, the firm offers a comprehensive range of consulting services to the private sector as well as the government in Kuwait.

I – Pre Construction Services

I-1 Pre Design Stage

– Programming
– Planning
– Scheduling
– Estimating

Mimar Office

I-2 Design

– Planning
– Architectural
– Interior Design
– Structural
– Mechanical
– Electrical
– Interior
– Urban Planning
– Bill Of Quantity
– Specification
– Tender Document

Mimar Office

II- Bidding and Contracting Strategies II-1 Construction Services

– Construction Supervision
– Construction Administration
– Project Construction Management

III- General

– Document Review
– Technical Review
– Feasibility Study